Gay Cruising – Now and Then!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ok, so I am a 25 year old gay male that lives in Canada. Why would you care? Because if you are about my age or younger you will find what I have to say quite interesting. Do you ever go on a gay cruising sites to find a hot guy for some hot fun? We have all been there…well, most of us. But lets stop and think for a minute what it was like before there were any websites to begin with.
We have it easy, just a click here and there and wham! – you got a sex date ready to meet with you. But lets step back in time and imagine what it would be like for us to actually go gay cruising, outside, in the cold…not so fun anymore huh?
Apparently, people used to cruise in parks or certain streets back in the days. You’d simply go and wander aimlessly in the park, but in actuality carefully watching to see if anyone is eyeing you – that was the signal.

Then you’d walk to a secluded place and see if anyone is following you – if they are, it means that the other side is interested and that you’re likely to have sex. But the huge disadvantage was that you could never certainly know who’s really gay – you might come along a bully, hooligan or someone else who’s homophobic, and there’s always a risk in taking the first step. Plus, your choice was very limited – only to people who were cruising at the same time as you were; you never knew when the opportunity will present itself – so a lot of time had to be spent there.

Some forms of cruising involved hanging out at public urinals and toilets, waiting to see if someone will show interest and give you a quick blow-job in the cabin – again, majority of people (straight and gay alike) don’t like if someone is watching them while doing their private stuff in the toilet, so it wasn’t exactly a summer ride in the countryside.
All of that changed when the Internet appeared. Suddenly, the number of potential partners skyrocketed, websites dedicated to gay online dating multiplied like rabbits and the whole anonymity thing became much easier – not to mention the whole dating process, in which you can find a guy without freezing in the park for 5 hours waiting for someone to come along. So next time you start whining about not being able to find a sex date or a boyfriend just remember that you do not have to do it like it was done before.
Gay cruising Canada is not as bad as you might think, at least I found that whenever I feel a need to cruise online, I usually get what I am looking for. It can always get better, but for now, I am satisfied with what we have going on in this great gay country of ours!

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