How Gay Cruising Website Emptied The Streets of Canada

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Once upon a time, there was this really big country named Canada, and it had a lot of lovely, cheerful and gay people in it’s streets. They were walking, talking, flirting and chatting all day long, making friends, setting up dates and beginning all kinds of relationships. Everyone was happy and a bit careful (you know, the AIDS stuff, always use a condom!) and each day was sunny and the trees were covered with chirping birds and all that.

And then one day the big bad Internet came to Canada! This dark lord had a vicious plan to get gay people off the streets and put them away in their homes never to go out cruising again! Suddenly, gay cruising Canada was so famous and proud of disappeared and were left empty. You may wonder how the big bad Internet managed to do that.
The simplicity of the plan is what is so prodigious about it. It made virtual gay cruising sites and made gays go there instead of going out and meeting in person. “No!”, you say, “It’s impossible! Gay people are strong and proud and they are not afraid of face-to-face contact!” But you are wrong! It is possible, and it is happening as we speak!
The weakest were the first to become the slaves to the Dark Lord and become the members of his Blue Site. The Blue Site knew all about it’s members. It stored their pictures, it measured them up from head to toes and displayed their measures for everyone to see. It cataloged once proud and adventurous gay people of Canada like they were animals in a cage. Soon enough, there was not a single gay man who wasn’t a member of the endless army of The Blue Site.

They only way those poor enslaved gays communicated was through The Blue Site. And they were all looking for a Hero! The Hero who would find them and rescue them from the never ending agony of online gay cruising that took the soul out of the cruising altogether! Everybody was searching for the Hero and the legend started to emerge. The hero is tall, intelligent and single.

He is gay, but you could never tell that because we is totally straight looking (or at least the legend says so). He is incredibly well hung and handsome but he is not in the gym all day long. He is rich but he doesn’t work all the time. He knows his art but he is not boring. However, nobody has ever seen him. The legend says that he still walks the streets of Canada fighting the Blue Site army. But nobody can tell for sure…because nobody is outside. Not even you. Here is a suggestion. Why don’t you forget about this story, go out right now and try to find that Hero of yours tonight?

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